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Using Audio-Visual Presentations to Learn about Nature

Hi, my name is Fern, and I volunteered as an inner-city school teacher after I finished college. Many of my students had never been outside of the city, and although I couldn't take them into the mountains or the forests or even on a field trip to a farm, I wanted to give them a semblance of that experience. I ended up using audio-visual equipment to simulate a natural environment. My students were able to see grass blowing in the wind, time-lapse videos of trees growing, and they were surrounded by the sounds of nature. If you want to use audio-visual equipment to teach kids about nature or any other subject, check out my posts. They will guide you toward excellence.

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Using Audio-Visual Presentations to Learn about Nature


Music And Sound Production, Taking Visual Works To The Next Level

Art is one of the noblest endeavors a human can partake in. This is because, through art, many emotions are expressed and felt. In a way, art can be considered a therapeutic experience for the artist and the audience equally. Therefore, art is a really important part of human culture and the human experience itself. This is why some people feel the call to let art be expressed through them as their profession.